Dahl Docking Station

Dahl Docking Station MK.II

Dahl Engineering’s newly developed electric Docking System provides unprecedented flexibility and safety for wheelchair users. The Docking System is the only system on the market that has been tested and TÜV certified in accordance with EU safety requirements for vehicles (M1). In testing, the docking station has proven to be so strong that it can withstand a load corresponding to a wheelchair weight of more than 200 kg + passenger provided that the safety belt is installed in the traditional manner in the floor of the vehicle.

Dahl Docking Station can be delivered with a fitting kit, which has been tested and approved by TÜV according to ECE regulations 14 and 17 and EU regulation 214/2014.

If you send the layout sketch to us, where you mark mounting position and car model, we can help you to find the correct article number.

You can download the Installation and User Manual to the Docking Station by clicking here.

We have tested and approved over 60 wheelchairs with our Docking Station. See a list of successfully tested wheelchairs here.

At Dahl Engineering, we work closely together with wheelchair manufacturers to test and approve wheelchairs according to ISO standards 10542-1:2012 and 7176-19:2008.