Seat Base Frame

Easy to swap seats

Our seat base frames allow the docking station to be used for either wheelchairs or car seats depending on what is required.

It is easy to install the vehicle’s original seat on the base frame, and it is easy to remove if the driver and passenger need to swap seats.

The base frame is equipped with holes for the installation of seats such as an original driver’s seat in Nissan NV 400, Opel Movano, Renault Master, VW T5, MB Sprinter, VW Crafter, MB Vito/Viano and Dahl Sport.
Our seat base frames have been tested in accordance with ECE regulation 14 and 17.


Art. no. 503245
Height 134-202 mm

Art. no. 500650
Height 180-222 mm

Art. no. 502270
Height 237-279 mm