New areas of focus for safety

Safety in motor vehicles is continuously developing. New issues will always continue to appear, for which new solutions and technologies will need to be found. Most wheelchairs and mobility aids for the handicapped are unable to withstand the loads they are subjected to during a road traffic accident. For wheelchair users transported by vehicle, this represents a considerable safety risk that only until recently has been the subject of minor interest. Due to the introduction of EU directive 2007/46 and EU regulation 214/2014 annex 3, which addresses procedures for test and approval of restraining equipment and safety belts, new standards for the safety of wheelchair users in vehicles have been set.

In the past years there has emerged an increased focus on security, when wheelchairs are used as seats in vehicles. This has i.a. led to wheelchair-tenderings requiring that the wheelchair and restraint system is crash-tested together and thus lives up to ISO 7176-19. We receive an increasing number of enquiries about which wheelchair models are tested with our Docking system, and how the Docking system is correctly installed on the wheelchair.

We experience that car converters and occupational therapists want to assure themselves, that they do not invalidate the CE label when mounting the Docking system, which they do, if they do not follow the instructions of the wheelchair manufacturer.

With more than 25 years experience in the development, safety testing and production of automotive equipment, Dahl Engineering posesses a wealth of knowledge in this area.

As a supplier of components we are also able to offer close co-operation with regard to the development and testing/certification of components in the conjuction in which they are to be used.