Do you convert minibusses, commercial vans and handicap vehicles?

As a car converter, you can purchase our products (Product Catalogue). We are ready to help you to find the right solution, depending on which car model and mounting position you want to install our docking station or 4 point WTORS kits.

In addition to that, we offer car converters a close cooperation concerning tests of conversions in which Dahl Engineering products are involved, so that the conversion as a whole meets the regulations and requirements.

As a new customer, we would like to ask you to fill out our Customer Form, after you have read our Terms of Sale and Delivery.


Are you handicapped and need a customized car?

As a private person, you cannot purchase our products directly from us. But we will gladly recommend a car converter in your area, who has knowledge of our products.

Please contact Lisa Land ll[at] or Nils Grabowski ng[at] for more information.

Due to EU regulation 214/2014, extensive know-how and experience is necessary to order the correct and approved parts for the docking systems. All WTORS kits must be tested in the car model and the mounting position in which it will be used.


Do you work with granting of aids and handicap vehicles?

Dahl Docking Station can be delivered with an installation kit, which has been tested and TÜV approved according to ECE regulations 14 and 17 and EU regulation 214/2014.

There have been conducted numerous tests of the Dahl Docking Station and 4-point WTORS since 2005 and Dahl Engineering has as the first company tested 4-point WTORS in vehicles according to EU frame directive 2007/46 and regulation 214/2014 appendix 3 - about vehicles with access to wheelchairs. On the basis of these tests, we have obtained TÜV approvement for installation of rails and floor brackets in more than 30 car models with standard floor.

We have crash tested the following wheelchairs in regard to ISO 10542-1:2012 and ISO 7176-19:2008 with our Dahl Docking Station.


Do you wish to test wheelchairs or equipment in minibusses and commercial vans ?

We offer to test wheelchairs, as well as equipment in minibusses and commercial vans. It is important, that wheelchair manufacturers, car converters and suppliers work closely together, as this has large implications for the safety ("why we test").

If you are interested in testing your products at our facility, feel free to call or write an e-mail.





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