Dahl VarioDock™

Our new Dahl VarioDock™ is not only the only power-height adjustable wheelchair Docking station, which facilitates securing wheelchairs with different ground clearances and vehicle passenger seats with integrated 3 point belt, but it is also the only system to meet standard ISO 10542-1, ISO 7176-19 and the strict M1 in-vehicle testing requirements for seats and seat belt anchorages according to ECE regulations 14 and 17, as well as EU regulation 2018/858, Annex II, Part III, Appendix 3.

Thanks to the Dahl VarioDock™ system, securing wheelchair users and other seated occupants can be carried out with an unprecedented ease, speed and safety. The Dahl VarioDock™ docking system offers more flexibility and versatility than any other seat anchoring system because the seat and wheelchair layout can be changed very quickly with a minimum of effort and time consumption. See design examples for anchoring seats here. A docking system also improves the working environment considerably for drivers, who often struggle with crammed spaces and bad working positions when tying down wheelchairs with 4 point strap systems.

• Power height adjustment from 61 - 91 mm.
• Time consumption only ¼ of tying down wheelchair with 4 point strap system.
• Tested for wheelchairs with a weight of up to 200 kg plus user.
• Approved for anchoring Dahl COMFORT Seat
• 4 step power tightening system to eliminate unwanted play.
• Opening time for lock selectable in 5 or 8 seconds intervals.
• “Service required” warning in display
• Improves working environment for drivers.
• No tie down straps on vehicle floor to trip over.
• Crash tested and CE-marked with approximately 150+ wheelchairs

 You can download the Installation and User Manual for Dahl VarioDock by clicking here.

Dahl VarioDock™ - in lowest position "61mm"
Dahl VarioDock™ - in highest position "91mm"
Dahl VarioDock™ with COMFORT Seat
Standardkit for Dahl VarioDock™