Dahl HYBRID Seat™

Dahl Engineering has developed the DAHL HYBRID Seat™, which can be used by children from the age of 9 months, as well as by adults. We have patented the seat, which is built up around an ultra-compact design, that has made it possible to integrate a child seat in a bus seat designed for an adult.

With a DAHL HYBRID Seat™ fitted in, f.e. a minibus, the taxicab owner can provide safe and flexible transport to schools, nurseries, residential homes and institutions, etc., irrespective of the order in which these journeys are carried out during the day, without having to spend valuable time returning to base to pick up and return child safety seats – or having to install and remove them.

The new seat fits a robust rail system that can be installed in the minibus so that the seat can be moved around in the vehicle or easily removed if space is needed for a wheelchair, for example.

Dahl HYBRID Seat is ONLY available as a project sale - contact us to inquire further.

Hybrid Seat ™