Dahl COMFORT Seat™

Our COMFORT Seat™ is the only seat on the market for minibuses with a built-in 3-point seatbelt and designed with extra lateral support and upholstery springs in both the seat cushion and back.

The COMFORT Seat™ thus has the same level of comfort as passenger car seats. It can be delivered with adjustable armrests and slide rails.

With the Quick Fitting Console (QFC) it is no longer necessary to mount recessed floor rails in the floor of the vehicle in order to install removable seats in taxis or vehicles for the disabled.

With Dahl’s new QFC you can remove and fit a seat in seconds. The seat is released without the use of tools by lifting a release lever at the front edge of the console. When the seat has been removed, only the compact base plate can be seen, which is mounted directly on the original floor of the vehicle.