Seatbelt buckle release guard

Part no. PN500095 - Seatbelt buckle release guard
now with emergency belt cutter

Do you recognize the problem of children or people with cognitive impairment or mental incapacity, pushing the release button of the seat belt just as quick as you can buckle up in a car or van seat? This seatbelt buckle release guard ensures that the user remains securely fastened throughout the ride.

The device prevents a person from being able to use a finger to push the seat belt release button. Only by using a sharp pointed object such as pen or key, can you release the seat belt by pushing the release button through a small hole in the top of the cover.

The cover fits the majority of original and approved safety belts buckles, and does not affect the safety belt´s efficiency in case of a collision.

Warning! This product is only intended for securing people with cognitive impairment or mental incapacity. Please inquire with the local authorities for approval procedures in your country. Do not use this product without the authorities approval in your country.