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Private persons can unfortunately not purchase our products directly. You need to choose a qualified car converter who will install our products for you. If you write us at sales[at] we will be happy to help you to find a car converter in your area.

Checklist with recommendations for transporting wheelchair seated passengers in motor vehicles!

When purchasing your wheelchair and accessible vehicle, we recommend asking your suppliers:

  • Is the wheelchair available with a head rest and is it suitable for use as a seat in a motor vehicle, and has the wheelchair manufacturer CE-marked it as such?
  • Are the wheelchair tie down anchor points, for 4-point strap type tie-down systems, clearly marked on the wheelchair and easily accessible when seated in the chair?
  • Does the wheelchair manufacturer provide a user manual with thorough instructions for transport?
  • Does the wheelchair tie-down manufacturer provide thorough instructions for use and maintenance?
  • Does the wheelchair tie-down equipment meet test standard - ISO 10542-1, and very importantly, is it marked and rated for the weight of the wheelchair?
  • Has the wheelchair been successfully crash-tested according to ISO 7176-19 and/or ISO 10542-1 SWM (specific wheelchair model) with the preferred tie-down system (4-point or Docking system)?
  • Has the wheelchair tie-down system in question (docking or 4-point strap system) been successfully in-vehicle tested, according to EU regulation 2018/858, in the vehicle in question, and does the test loads correspond to the weight of the wheelchair?

 Prefer wheelchair manufacturers and vehicle suppliers who can document safety to those who cannot.