Private persons

As a private person, you can unfortunately not purchase our products directly. You need to contact a qualified car converter. If you write us at sales[at], we will gladly help you to find a car converter in your area.

But, we would like to give you some good advice when transporting a wheelchair in a vehicle.

Make demands to wheelchair and car conversion!

According to EU Regulation 214/2014, all WTORS (wheelchair tie down and occupant restraint systems) MUST be tested in the car model and mounting position in which they are used.

You should therefore request documentation for the following:

  • that the wheelchair is CE-marked
  • that attachment points for the retractor straps are marked on the wheelchair
  • that a thorough user manual is delivered for wheelchair and tie down equipment
  • that tie-down equipment is approved according to current standards
  • that the wheelchair has been successfully tested according to ISO7176-19 or 10542-1 SWM (specific wheelchair model)

Prefer those wheelchair manufacturers who can document safety over those who cannot.