Dahl VarioDock System - design examples for anchoring seats

Here shown are approved design examples based on our COMFORT Seat and VarioDock

The Dahl VarioDock system provides more flexibility and versatility than any other fastening system on the market, as this is the only system approved for anchoring both seats and wheelchairs. In vehicles equipped with the VarioDock system, the layout and seat configuration can be changed faster than with any other fastening system and this requires less work and time consumption than any other system.

We have chosen to show some examples here, but there are countless options.

Please contact us in order to find the specific design you need.

BE CAREFUL to check vehicle categorization (M1, M2 or M3), wheelbase, equipment variants, original and retrofitted equipment, such as a lift, which is decisive for whether a vehicle is suitable for a given layout, as this affects the vehicle’s payload, requirements for distance between seats and wheelchairs, aisle width and access to emergency exits, etc.