Dahl MADS™

Dahl MADS™, short for Multi Adjustable Docking System, is our new patented docking adaptation system which makes it possible to dock and secure manual wheelchairs with fixed frames as well as folding frames into our docking station models MK ll and the VarioDock.

The Dahl MADS™ consists of a light weight sub frame which can be adjusted in height, inclination, and length. Thus, it can easily be adapted to different wheelchair widths and will function together with a multitude of wheelchair settings, which are needed to obtain the individual user´s optimal seating position.

By means of brackets fastened to the wheelchair frame and a simple and effective locking system, the sub frame can quickly be attached and removed without any tools and stowed away when not in use. This feature is a must when collapsing a folding chair, but it is also built into the design for most fixed frame models. During the past years, we have received an increasing number of inquiries for using our docking stations to secure manual wheelchairs. Requests came from private vehicle owners, nursing homes, and schools as well as public and private transport providers looking to replace the time consuming and work intensive 4-point wheelchair securement systems commonly used.

The MADS™ adaptation kits are tailor-made for the specific wheelchair make and model and are tested together according to ISO 7176-19:2022.

If your wheelchair model has not been approved for MADS™, we will be happy to work together with the wheelchair manufacturers to develop a kit.
Manufacturers of approved wheelchairs present on the European market have CE-marked their chairs for use with the Dahl MADS™. Consequently, the CE-marking and warranty of the chair will remain intact when installing the Dahl MADS™ adaptation kit in compliance with the wheelchair manufacturer’s instructions.