Seat bases for original driver's seats

Seat bases for original driver's seats

In addition to being approved for securing wheelchair tie-down, the Dahl Docking Station MKII has also been tested and approved for anchoring several original car manufacturers’ seats.

These seat bases with pre-drilled holes can be anchored in the Dahl Docking Station MK II and placed on the vehicles’ 1st seat row, allowing the driver and passenger to switch seats.

Our seat base is tested according to ECE regulation 14 and 17.

Please ask which seat base is best suited for the specific car model.

Available seat base heights:

Art. no. 503245
Height 135-202 mm

Art. no. 501448
Height 135-202 mm (wide base)

Art. no. 500650
Height 174-241 mm

Art. no. 502270
Height 231-297 mm

Art. no. 502214
Height 231-297 mm (wide base)


Novelty! Foot rest with 501384 now available.