The company is closed from december 16th 2023 until january 7th 2024

The Danish government has made it obligatory for all companies operating in Denmark to digitalize their bookkeeping. In order to meet the new legislative requirements and ensuring that the company will be operating a modern and efficient computer system for the benefit of our customers, we need to replace our existing ERP system.

To keep the discomfort and disturbances for our customers to an absolute minimum, we will be doing the computer system update in conjunction with our annual stock taking during the Christmas holidays close down.

As a result, we are forced to extend the Christmas close from Saturday, December 16th, 2023 until Sunday, January 7th, 2024.  

Please note, that we will not be able to ship out any goods during this period. We recommend our customers who will be needing goods during  the first 3 weeks of 2024, to order them early on and ask for them to be shipped out before we close on December 16th.

We hope for your understanding.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!