HEAVY DUTY Line - up to 200 kg

As electrical wheelchairs mostly weigh much more than the 85 kg, that the present regulations for tie-down equipment prescribe, Dahl Engineering has as the first in the world developed a TÜV approved Heavy Duty tiedown system with vehicle specific installation kits, that live up to and surpass EU regulation 2018/858. These patented kits can be used for wheelchairs with a weight of 170kg and 200 kg plus user.

• Tie down system with vehicle specific installation kit
• Kits tested in specific car models and mounting positions
• Dynamically crash-tested with 48km/h as complete kit (retractor, seat belt, floor brackets, height adjusters)
• Newly developed floor brackets
• TÜV reports and documentation for all vehicle specific installation kits available
• All HEAVY DUTY-kits are with EVOLUTION retractors
• Patent pending